Skin Cancer Screenings

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A skin cancer screening is a visual examination of your skin by a trained dermatology provider. The provider will examine your skin for spots or moles that appear suspicious. The provider will be evaluating your skin from your scalp to your nails.

Did you know that 1 in 5 people will get skin cancer in their lifetime? When caught early, successful treatment of skin cancer is highest.

It is recommended that you get your skin checked once a year. If any of the following apply to you, you are at more risk of developing skin cancer and may need to be seen more frequently.

  • Red hair and freckled
  • Greater than 50 moles
  • A family history of melanoma skin cancer
  • A family history of non-melanoma skin cancer (Basal Cell or Squamous Cell Carcinoma)
  • A history of extensive sun exposure
  • One of more blistering sunburn(s)
  • A history of tanning bed use
  • A history of precancerous lesions: actinic keratosis, dysplastic nevi
  • A history of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma
  • A history of radiation treatment or immunosuppressive treatment

A skin cancer screening exam can be completed in less than 15 minutes. You should plan to come to your appointment with clean, bare skin. After talking with the medical assistant who will record your medical history and skin concerns, you will be asked to change into a gown. You may leave your underwear and bra on if it makes you more comfortable. The provider will start with an examination of your scalp or arms and work down. Feel free to identify concerns along the way. If a biopsy or a sample of the spot of concern is warranted, it can be done at that time. The provider will answer any of your skincare questions and establish a follow-up schedule if necessary.

Have you already had your yearly exam but notice a suspicious skin area of concern, a sore that doesn’t heal or a changing mole or freckle, be sure to schedule an earlier appointment!

Dermatology visits are generally covered by insurance and most often you are only responsible for your co-pay or coinsurance. If you have never had a full body skin examination or have fallen a bit behind, don’t worry!

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